Rushforth Wheels wants your late model sportscar!

We’re running an ad in the DuPont Registry “Exotic Car Buyer’s Guide” which is a marketplace for all things high-end so we want to get some wheels on some high-end late-model cars and are willing to slash prices in exchange for some high quality photos of your ride with Rushforth Wheels.

When we set out to design the wheels that make up the Rushforth Wheels line-up, we wanted to make styles that would look as great on a 1969 Camaro as they would on a 2010 Aston Martin and now that we have put wheels on a few Camaros, we want them on a few Astons! So, to celebrate and promote Rushforth Wheels’ new full page ad in the DuPont Registry’s Exotic Car Buyer’s Guide, we want to put wheels on your late model sportscar to help us speak to that magazine’s demographic and we’re willing to give you a deep discount in exchange for photos of your late-model ride with Rushforth Wheels.

Since the Dupont Registry is a marketplace for all things high-end, we want to see those high-end cars. If you aren’t sure if your car fits the bill, drop us a line and mention this post and we’ll get you a quote right away. We don’t discriminate either so whether it’s an AMG Sedan, a G8 GXP or a 370Z, we want wheels on your car.