Wheels and Stance

The mantra here at Rushforth Wheels has always been; “Wheels and Stance are everything, and it really applies to all cars. Whether it’s a drag car with 15×15 Weld Wheels, a traditional street rod on red steelies with dog dish caps, or a nasty pro-touring Camaro with 18 and 19” Rushforth Rated-X’s tucked under the squared-off wheel wells; If you nail the wheels and the stance, you don’t even need paint… But, it doesn’t hurt.


Pro builders have often built cars around the wheel and tire combo. The famous builders get it right by matching the style, attitude, finish color, diameter, and width of the wheel/tire combo to the height of the fender lip and the size of the car in relation to that wheel/tire combo. This method leaves a ton of room for creativity, and that’s a beautiful thing. There isn’t just one way to do it right, however, there are many wrong ways to do it. Do it the wrong way and you will have a car that is completely overlooked, and even shunned, no matter how many other things you get right.

There are many ways to nail the right look, make a unique statement, and hopefully stay within, or close, to your budget. And, when you do it right, your car will probably handle a lot better. This is accomplished when choosing the right upgrades by simply lowering the ride height, increasing the contact patch, and stiffening the sidewall.

The take away from this should be to simply factor in as much attitude as possible, within your means and budget, via wheels and stance. There are corners you can cut but wheels and stance should never be one of them.

Jason Rushforth, Owner, and Designer, Rushforth Wheels