Happy Veteran’s Day

Read a short story about how Veterans have touched our lives. Some not quite what you expect but we all owe them a thank you.

Not only is Melanie the brains and beauty of our operation, but she is also a Veteran as was my Grandfather who fought on the beach at Iwo Jima on the first day and went on to live another 65 years. A big thanks to both of them because if Grandpa hadn’t survived, I wouldn’t be here and if the Army hadn’t stationed Melanie at Fort Lewis in my hometown, I never would have met her, and thanks to all our men and women who have served our Country. We are also very proud to have a lot of clients who have become good friends that are and have been in service. We’ve even taken phone calls from Afghanistan and Iraq for soldiers wanting to order their wheels so they’re home when they return on leave. How cool is that? One of our friends was a helicopter pilot in Afghanistan who sent a flag that was flown out of his chopper over Afghanistan. Another client who has become a good friend is a real live Navy SEAL(!) and personally gave us a tour of the BUD/S SEAL training center at Coronado! We got to stand right on the grinder and see the bell with a row of helmets left by guys who didn’t have what it takes. That friend has what it takes, BIG TIME! If you’ve read this far, thank you. If you’re one of the people I mentioned, I value your friendship very much and much more in the case of Mel and Grandpa and if you’re one of our clients who has served, We greatly appreciate you and to anyone who has served; THANK YOU! And to ANYONE still reading, Thank YOU!