Full polish is our standard finish and all of our other custom powder coat finishes add $100 per wheel. Because our wheels are of multi-piece construction, we can do most finishes on the center or the barrel or the entire wheel and if you don’t see a color you love, we can custom order any color you need.


Gunmetal is a deep medium metallic semi-gloss gray that gives a great contrast with many different colors.


Matte Black gives a menacing look with a powder coat finish that has a slight sheen to show detail or gloss black to give a super bold look with a little reflection.


Brushed and cleared is our most popular finish. The polished aluminum is very lightly scuffed for a uniform satin finish that is then powder coated clear to protect and give a shine that allows minimal maintenance.


Full polish is just that, a complete show polished wheel that shines like a mirror inside and out. Full polish is our base price finish on every wheel and because our wheels are forged aerospace grade aluminum, they hold a shine much longer than a cast wheel so you won’t have constant maintenance and if you happen to neglect them for a few years, they can always be shined right back to like new. 


Smoked Titanium is a dark tinted clear powder coat over a fine satin finished aluminum that protects and gives a deep contrast that changes depending on the lighting for a dark slightly sinister look.

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