Featured Wheel: The Rated-X

Newsletters, Podcasts, TV, oh my! We try hard to get our message out to as many people as possible and are very excited to have the opportunity to be seen on Chop Cut Rebuild this season. The Speed Channel will rerun it, so you have the chance to set your DVRs again and again and again. Lucky!

While we were at SEMA this past year, we (as always) had the great pleasure of catching up with friends from all over the world and making new ones as well. It’s always exciting to feel the energy within the industry that we all love all in one place.

While we were there, we were able to wrap up some filming for this season of Chop Cut Rebuild. We’ve got two vehicles that feature Rushforth Wheels this season. Look for the reruns and pick your favorite.

The first episode features one of our most popular and versatile wheels, the Rated-X. Take it easy now, the ‘X’ refers to the 10 spokes within the wheel and how that is represented by the Roman numeral ‘X’. Although, on more than one occasion, the email heading ‘Rushforth Rated X’ has been flagged by an HR department…that’s a whole other search I’m sure no one needs to know about.

As with all Rushforth Wheels, we can build it to your specifications, with any finish you choose and perimeter hardware is always optional. We designed the line to compliment any vehicle, and the Rated-X does a great job of showcasing this for us.

Check out the Chop Cut Rebuild schedule and learn how a Rated-X is made!